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Diamond Heads  has been issued three patents by the United States Patent and Trademark office for our cooling effect and Design.

US Pat.#s 6,626,134, D500,768 and D499,742

Having gone through the patent process and understanding what it takes to get a patent. We can tell you that The United States Government makes you  prove that your invention does what you are claiming it to do. Diamond Heads has been proven to have a significant cooling effect that is patented along with a million dollar look that lasts a life time that is also patented.

Diamond Heads the WORLDS ONLY PATENTED cooling system that sparkles and shines a lifetime. 

U.S. PAT.6626134 

U.S. PAT. D499742

U.S. PAT.D500768

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The Sparkle and Shine will last a life time.

There is no polishing involved in the Diamond Heads process nor will you ever have to polish them. They will sparkle and shine for a life time.
Diamond Heads is a patented cooling system and has been proven to help your engine to run cooler.

US PAT. 6626134 

US PAT. D499742

US PAT. D500768

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We make them sparkle.